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Famitsu Marketing Data Service provides the most comprehensive up-to-date information on Japan's interactive entertainment industry. The first service of its kind, Famitsu Marketing Data Service is designed for companies and investors all over the world. Famitsu's industry-leading analysts and rigorous market research methods combine to give subscribers the most complete and trusted insight into the trends and direction of the Japanese game market.
Drawing from our extensive network within the Japanese game market, our sources include:
3,600 participating retail stores in Japan
Famitsu Marketing Data Service is ideal for anyone with an acute interest in the Japanese gaming market, including publishers looking to either enter Japan's game market or to publish Japanese games in overseas markets. The weekly, monthly, harf-yearly, and yearly reports supply the latest software and hardware sales information for investors studying market trends, and companies reviewing their own business activity in Japan.
What does a yearly subscription to Famitsu Marketing Data include?
A weekly report covering the week's Top 50 selling titles, current hardware sales, estimated market size, etc.
A monthly report covering the month's Top 100 selling titles, software sales for each genre, Japanese game companies' sales data, etc.
A bookend yearly report that covers the year's Top 300 selling titles and hardware, segmented software sales per genre, comparison data to previous years, and much more.
The yearly subscription, complete with weekly and monthly reports and an annual recap, costs $10,000 per year. To apply for a subscription to Famitsu Marketing Data Service, simply send all of the following information to fmd-international@ml.enterbrain.co.jp
Company Name
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Sample data is now available. Please click on any of the links below to see examples of the FMDS report:
Market Scale Transition
Market Share
Sales Share
Software Sales Sorted by Genre
Manufacturer Software Sales
To contact Famitsu Marketing Data Service with questions or comments:
email: fmd-international@ml.enterbrain.co.jp
  6-1 Sanban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8431 Japan