ENTERBRAIN Brand Information


"Magazines", "Books", "Web & Mobile Services", "Video Delivery", "Applications", "Games", "Live Content", "Electronic Publishing".

These are examples of forms of media that ENTERBRAIN is currently developing.

We are often asked why we are developing over such a vast range in media despite being a publishing company. It is, however, not a strange thing if we go back to the philosophy that has been in place since our founding. Considering our steadfast belief in "wanting to become the 'brains' of everyone's entertainment", it may therefore be the case that the categorization of ENTERBRAIN as a publishing company is inaccurate.

Delivering interesting content is something we constantly strive for and something we do not think has to be limited to print media. In that line, we have been focusing our endeavors on delivering media that is free from conventional rules and frameworks.

ENTERBRAIN places serious value in delivering content and information in the best possible way most properly. Having done so for a while now, our media and expression modes are now increasing, and will most likely continue to increase in the future.

Of course, for everyone to enjoy this process we are aggressively heading towards not just one-dimensional development in media delivery, but also overseas expansion and multi stage development. This is also an objective of KADOKAWA CORPORATION the group we belong to as a brand and a "megapublisher".

ENTERBRAIN will continue to push the envelope in media delivery and bringing more smiles to everyone. We ask for your continuous support and guidance, and please do look forward to our future projects.